Neptonics Dyneema Gloves

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DYNEEMA GLOVES are better than ever with our newly upgraded design.. We have upgraded the weave so that they are extra stretchy and even more comfortable and we have also added a Telfon coating to the inside of the glove that make putting them on quick and easy. If you thought they were good before you have got to try them with the new upgrades. Dyneema is 8x more abrasion resistent than Kelvar and Dyneema is currently the toughest fiber in the world. Our Glove is made from 100% Dyneema making these gloves EXTREMELY resistent to spines, spikes, blades, corals, wrecks etc. Confidently grab a fish by the gills or grab lobster without worrying about cuts and penetrations.


Here is what a customer said about our Gloves….I’ve been using these gloves for the last year straight have been solid gloves. Been using them for SCUBA spearing, commercial, recreational, handling, gutting & cleaning fish.
I originally bought two pairs figuring they would only last a few months like other brands of kevlar glove….. I haven’t even taken the other pair out of the bag yet! I was guaranteed that I would get at least a full year out of them. And believe me I have. Fish don’t poke through the kevlar, grab a large fish by the gills, and nothing gets through. They fit snug, and flex well in the water, and are comfortable.”

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