American Speargun Shaft (5/16 Diameter Pencil Point Hawaiian Flopper)


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Our speargun shafts are currently being used as OEM shafts by some of the biggest names in the business.  Crafted with CNC technology, these are the highest quality precision shafts available. Choose from either American trigger mechanism or Euro trigger mechanism.

·       American Speargun Shafts (Threaded):  Each 17-4 spring stainless steel shaft is heat treated to improve overall strength, resist bending and minimize shaft whip. Designed to fit most of the more popular American mechanism guns (Riffe, Wong, Deathstick, Hatch, Kap, Impaler, Blacktip, Koah, as well as custom gun triggers made by Neptonic Systems, Speardiver, Alexander and Kitto). The smooth sharkfin design can be used in both open track guns as well as enclosed track and hybrid guns.

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52 in, 55 in, 57 in, 60 in, 62 in, 65 in, 67 in, 67 in Double Staggered Flopper Tri-Cut Point, 72 in x 4 sharkfins, 72 in Double Staggered Flopper Tri-Cut Point 4 Sharkfins


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