Slayer Rubber By The Foot


High energy rubber that provides excellent stretch and force displacement.



Slayer Spearguns is excited to introduce its Roller Rubber. Featuring a high energy rubber that provides excellent stretch and force displacement in comparison with its competitors. We can see in the force displacement graph below that Slayer Roller Rubber has a larger area under the curve which is the engineering term for “work done”, which is the transfer of energy onto an object. Through our research we also noticed that Slayer Roller Rubber performs better than traditional rubber in its rate of acceleration. Simply put, you can stretch our bands more than typical speargun bands and get more power without shaft whip. This is because of the damping properties of Slayer Roller Rubber providing a smooth shot, this is an inherited property through our strict manufacturing process. Get more stretch per pound with a smooth rate of acceleration in all your shots, and see the difference. Get that work done right! ​

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