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Always carry a Knife when diving. The Ulusub Knife is a simple, quality tool. Whether you are cutting Chum, Braining a fish, or cutting through a line which is preventing you from surfacing, the Ulusub Knife will get the job done. We hate losing knives, which is why we have developed a Magnetic Sheath which holds fast to the blade, making it easy to find your placement in the sheath and very difficult for a knife to be dislodged and fall out.

Price includes Shipping within the USA.

– 9” Total Length with 4.5” Blade

-Quality Inox Stainless Steel from Italy

-Easy to maintain and sharpen High Polish Stainless Blade

-HIGH VIS Flourescent Yellow makes your knife easy to see in an emergency and easier to locate if your drop it.

-Serrated Edge on one Side Super Sharp Non Serrated Edge on the other.

-Bungee Lanyard

-Can be worn on Belt or on Leg or Wrist

-Knife comes with Sheath, Straps, and extra Silicone Holding Ring


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